Building a sports career essential to the development of young people


Chinedu Nwoko, popularly known as Ned Nwoko, a former Delta State legislator, said building careers among children through sports will enable them to make their mark and advance their achievements in the world. story.

Nwoko, who represented Aniocha in North-South and Oshimili in North-South Delta State in the Federal House of Representatives, said sports activities are a great boost for learning in children.

The jurist made this known in a press release on All-Stars Athletic University in Idumeje, Delta State on Saturday, April 16. He explained that the initiative has been ongoing since 2017.

“The university is designed to pursue the advancement of learning in specialist areas of sport development, including management, as well as to provide specialist professional coaching courses and research to advance various breakthroughs in sport “, did he declare.

Nwoko revealed that contrary to the belief that sports impede learning in children, the reverse is the case. He reiterated that the establishment of West Africa’s premier sports university, All-Stars Sports University, Idumeje is the fulfillment of his desire to see Nigeria and by extension Africa pioneer global sporting achievements.

He assured that the University of Sports All-Stars will consider sports in the education sector as a lifestyle to build careers to disabuse the misconception that sports hinder a child’s dedication to the academics.

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Nwoko, however, disapproved of the efforts of some unscrupulous people to discredit good work by suggesting that the university is an Islamic center in disguise.

“Due to its geographical location and cultural reservations, coupled with the malicious propaganda and misleading narrative, tensions have been generated and the attention of different investigative entities and investigative commissions at different levels, including the Nigerian police, was drawn in.

“The various reports and inquiries after the inquiry had one fundamental fact in common; that the university was built for the purpose for which it was created; a sports university and nothing more.

“I therefore call on everyone to avoid telling malicious stories and support my vision in rewriting our country’s sporting narrative,” Nwoko said.

Separately, he noted that he was delighted that the bill he proposed to the House of Representatives had finally seen the light of day.

According to him, building these careers in children will allow individuals to make their mark and have their exploits showcased in the narratives of history.

He added that the university is taking off with a high school section to spot athletic talent from early childhood. This, he said, will help proactively improve the number of athletes graduating with credentials/training for sport and non-sport careers to support growth and transition.

Additionally, he said the university will be a source of employment for thousands of residents in the host community and beyond.


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