Dream Center reopens its doors today for the host youth community


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Dream Center reopens this morning.

The Dream Center is a one-stop-shop resource center here in Bakersfield for current and former foster youth up to the age of 25. During the pandemic, the center adjusted the way it helped its clients. However, executive director Tom Corson says they are delighted to have their doors open again.

“One of the things we found during the pandemic is that a lot of our young people become isolated and feel lonely, so having that connection of a caring person who is there with them, that they know they can come in. when they’re stressed or they just need a place to hang out, that’s important, ”he said. “Some of our young people may be surfing on their couch and need a place to rest, and we are a safe place they can come during the day.”

One of the reasons the Dream Center is so excited to reopen completely is to once again be able to provide hands-on experience for their young people. They help with addiction issues and more, but these issues are much easier to deal with in person when they can actually see their clients in front of them.

The dream center is located at 1801 19th St. As always, they accept donations of hygiene items, lightly used or new clothing or footwear, food, school supplies, housewares, bicycles and boards. casters.


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