Living Dream Youth Development


My name is Cory Collins. As far back as I can remember, it has always been my dream to work directly with children and adolescents. In today’s climate, it’s rare to find a facility that cares about the welfare of Chicago’s youth. Seeking sanctuary, a place to thrive in their God-given talents, or an overall safe space is a necessity that many children have access to. I dedicate myself to being a pillar and a beacon of hope for those in desperate need. With your help, I am raising funds to go towards a project close to my heart, Living the Dream Youth Development. LTDYD aspires to be an after-school program that develops, mentors, and trains young Chicago athletes who reside in underserved communities. Besides athletics, we also seek to help with personal and academic development. As a young black man who grew up in Chicago myself, I know the feeling of craving a support system and a place to call home. LTDYD aspires to be that refuge for today’s youth. Any donation you choose to make is a step in the right direction. We have lost so many talented young people to the streets and the difficulties of life in general, it is time for them to find peace. Thank you all in advance and I look forward to seeing how LTDYD evolves. It takes a village. -Cory


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