Mayor: Compostela Sports PH basketball league key to youth development


Compostela Sports PH basketball league organizers Joshua Quiño and Jonrio Morales mentor Compostela Mayor Felijur Quiño. (photo added)

The mayor of COMPOSTELA, Felijur Quiño, believes that the involvement of young people in sport is essential for their development, which is why he did not hesitate to give the green light to the organization of the basketball league Compostela Sports PH which started on September 17th.

“When Rio Morales and Marino Librero approached me, he and his co-founder asked if I could help develop the talents of our young people through sport. I immediately accepted and listened to their plans and made arrangements for their event to take place,” Quiño said.

“I believe that the development of our young people is a step towards a better world. I am a believer in sportsmanship and camaraderie. The success of the league only shows the mutual respect and friendship with our neighboring municipalities of Kinto Distrito in which I am happy because it is one of my efforts,” he added.

The tournament has three categories: under 16, under 21 and under 6 feet and under. The Under-16s have 18 teams while the Under-21s have 14 teams. The open age attracted 18 teams. Cash prizes await the champions of each age group.

The Under-16 and Under-21 teams will play a double round robin, while the Open Age teams will face off in a single round robin.


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