Statement from Gill Sanders Chair of Trustees:

“When the Junior Youth Club first opened in 2011 with about twenty children attending we could never have imagined how successful it would turn out to be.

As the numbers of children attending increased we had to decide if we could move to two sessions a week.

We did that in 2013 and now we have an average of 150 children attending the two sessions. We also recognized the need for a senior youth club for older children and we now also run a session on Thursday evenings for young people from 11 years – 15 years.

We provide a healthy meal for every child at the end of each session, thanks to food provided by the Oxford Food Bank and FareShare and an amazing group of staff and volunteers who manage to create fabulous meals from whatever items we receive. We welcome parents and carers to join the children for the hot buffet meal if they wish. In fact, parents feel very welcome in our sessions and many are keen to become involved as volunteers with the Club.

We are fortunate in having an amazingly dedicated team of qualified staff and volunteers to work with our youngsters. They have built up really positive relationships with them and have made a real difference to many of the children’s lives.”