Santa Maria youth and community leaders mobilize to support proposal 15 | Local News


Local youth and community leaders gathered in Buena Vista Park on Monday in support of Proposal 15, also known as the Schools and Communities First Initiative, which calls for increased funding for education through modification of the tax base on certain commercial and industrial goods.

If passed in November, the state’s measure would increase funding for schools, community colleges, and community funds through market-level taxation on commercial and industrial properties worth at least $ 3 million. dollars, depending on the state. Office of the Legislative Analyst.

Speakers including local high school students, members of Future Leaders of America and Santa Maria City Councilor Gloria Soto urged voters to “vote yes out of 15,” highlighting the major increase in funding needed to provide education fair.

If passed, the measure is expected to generate between $ 6.5 billion and $ 11.5 billion in annual revenue, according to the legislative analyst’s office.

Opposition to the measure argues that tax hikes for large businesses could lead to higher rents and other costs for small businesses, and that they would raise the overall cost of living by shifting those increased costs to local consumers.


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