The Sakhane Youth Development Forum aims to bridge the digital divide


Nothing is as stressful as life after the bachelor’s degree, especially for those who cannot afford to study further and end up choosing to look for a job right after the bachelor’s degree. Since most of the schools in our townships do not have Computer Application Technology (CAT) as a subject, many learners leave schools without computer knowledge, which sometimes becomes a challenge when looking for a job. Even for those going to college, digital literacy is just as important.

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The global pandemic has also proven that digital literacy matters, as virtual meetings, classes and events have become our new normal. The Sakhane Youth Development Forum recently launched an initiative to empower learners by giving them the fundamental digital skills required to enter the job market. Sakhane is an organization that focuses on digital development within marginalized communities.

“Our goal is to bridge the digital divide and that of unemployment, because when they leave school, some will look for a job. But how do you get hired when you don’t have the necessary skills? So, as an organization, we set out to uplift them and be the conduit of opportunity for our youth,” said Cavall Elliot Founder and Digital Instructor at the Sakhane Youth Development Forum.

The organization recently completed a short job-readiness-infused digital literacy course with learners at Anchor High School in Meadowlands.

“We equipped them with the basics of the digital world so that when they left school they were employable and did not have to bear the expense of paying for short courses and we offered the training for free,” Cavall said.

The organization has also partnered with other organizations that offer scholarships and fellowships. During the recent graduation of those who completed the Microsoft Digital Literacy course at Anchor High, some of the learners received scholarships. Most of these learners were 10th and 11th graders and through their speeches at the event, it was evident that this course was really needed for them. To top it all off, leadership developer and youth inspiration, Vikela Rankinn provided some much-needed motivation.

“We are looking to expand this initiative to other schools in Soweto and South Africa as a whole. Our plan is also to get a computer lab for this school. However, it was not easy because we managed everything from our own pockets, so we are also looking for sponsors,” said Cavall.

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