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Troy Youth Assistance presents recognition awards for young people

Troy Youth Assistance presents recognition awards for young people

(ATY, May 29, 2021)

The Troy Youth Assistance Youth Recognition program was very different this year. He focused on high school students and offered a financial reward, a “Boost Grant”. TYA wanted to help students who set goals for success, made progress towards those goals, and needed a little financial help that may not be available from other sources. Troy Youth Assistance felt that with all of the economic and social challenges of the past year, it would be a good time for the organization to provide financial assistance to our future community leaders.

The committee looked for students who “started from behind” due to experiences such as: family tragedy, illness, poor academic performance, court-imposed custody changes resulting in a change of residence, parental responsibilities requiring insubordination leave or studies.

The 2021 Youth Recognition Program recognized students who have paved the way for progress in positive response to court or police intervention. Student proponents summarized why a student’s goals and progress are important to the individual or community as well as the reasons why a Boost grant would be appropriate. The candidate had to answer a handful of questions and prepare a detailed funding request.

Grants were awarded on the basis of need and perceived benefit. The winners of the 2021 Troy Youth Assistance Youth Recognition Scholarships are:

Cole Bennett, Troy High; Paul Fisette, Michigan Youth Challenge Academy; Casey Gabriel, Troy College & Career High School; Joseph Grieme, Troy High School; Chlaudio Grishaj, Troy College & Career High School; Jada Johnson, Troy College & Career High School; and Paije Ruff, Troy College & Career High School.

Troy Youth Assistance is a non-profit organization committed to empowering youth and families by preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency, neglect and child abuse through community participation. For more information on TYA, call 248.823.5095 or visit


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