Wesrok plans gospel concert to revive youth development foundation


Country reggae artist Wesrok is planning a gospel concert and cultural extravaganza for October, which he hopes will raise money to support his Downtown Youth Development Foundation.

He is trying to raise $2 million to provide base funding to advance educational and academic assistance programs targeting at-risk youth in the communities of Riverton City and surrounding areas in Kingston.

The artist intends to enlist gospel acts, rallying them to what he believes to be a worthwhile cause.

“Most of these young people have been neglected by the social system and as such make them vulnerable to crime and violence. Because of this social and political neglect, these communities are among the vilest in Jamaica. But , I believe we can make a change,” said Wesrok, whose real name is Percival Buddan.

His Downtown Youth Development Foundation was founded over 15 years ago and is now located at Six Miles in Kingston.

“This is a significant investment in a dream of helping disadvantaged young people. We now have a home and corporate office, a physical manifestation of my overall dream. My main goal is to seek out young people at risk and to provide spiritual, economic and physical support for them, under the new theme ‘Love Lifted Me’,” he said.

The concert should be used simultaneously to christen the new headquarters and trigger the philanthropic mission.

Wesrok, who has earned a reputation for his unique brand of country-reggae, believes that music can transform lives.

“That’s why I make music with a message, and what better way to get the message across than with a powerful gospel concert,” he said.

Currently, he is working with the Tivoli Gardens Restoration Project and assisting various families with their day-to-day financial needs, including educational support for children.

This weekend, Wesrok will travel to Chicago, USA to build deeper relationships with overseas partners to help fund his foundation.

The recording artist has issued a public call for support from the business community and deep-pocketed individuals to pledge to help underprivileged children nationwide.

“I can’t do this alone. I need like-minded, patriotic people who want to help Jamaica be the paradise I know it can be,” he said. “Together, we can all make a difference.”

Wesrok is from the rural district of Swamp Lane in Bog Walk, St Catherine. He released a number of country-reggae songs such as ‘Left Out in the Dark’, ‘Poor Country Boy’ and ‘Born As a Winner’.

He released “Try to Hold Me” with Masicka earlier this year.


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