15 Ways to Improve Faith’s Fitness


Many spiritual growth activities for young people are available, providing many options for strengthening the faith of teens. From Bible studies and small groups to service projects and mentorships, a wide variety of engaging activities can build children’s spiritual “muscles.”

Youth ministers and parents of teens know that different activities appeal to different children. That’s why it’s a good idea to mix things up. Providing many activities for young people for spiritual growth also conveys that faith is not dull or stagnant. Instead, it is active and vibrant, with daily opportunities to get to know Jesus better and share his gospel with others.

As studies show, it is important to help children develop Faith and spiritual habits early in life. Parents, local churches, children’s and youth ministries all play a key role in this regard. Here is an overview of the activities that contribute to the foundation of the faith of young people.

15 youthful activities for spiritual growth

To help you think about spiritual growth activities for youth, consider these powerful (and fun!) options:

1. Bible study

Begin with the Word of God, immersing teens in scriptural truth. Work on a Bible book, lead a topic study, or apply the Bible to today’s problems. Also emphasize to teens the importance of personal devotions and time spent in the Word.

2. Small group discussions

Meeting regularly in small groups allows teens to build relationships while opening up about their faith and struggles. Conversations can go further in smaller groups of children.

3. Intentional faith growth

Remind teens of the importance of intentionality. Prioritize and nurture the faith goes a long way to steady spiritual growth.

4. Object Lessons

object lessons are not reserved for young children. So be sure to include them in your discussions with young people too!

5. The practice of prayer

Using prayer posts in your church and your youth ministry, you remind people of the many ways to speak (and listen) to God. Conversing with Jesus is essential to any list of youth activities for spiritual growth.

6. Worship together

To learn and grow in their faith, teens need to worship regularly, whether with other teens or with adults. Encourage children to be active attendees (and even leaders) in worship as well.

7. Sing praises to God

Does your church have a youth choir? If not, consider starting one. No experience or expertise is required!


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