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Shrewsbury Town Academy have added a new youth development stage coach, Dan Reece, and a new strength and conditioning coach, Callum Reeves, to their coaching ranks.

Interview times:

Dan Reece: 00:00-04:18

Callum Reeves: 04:18-06:21

Dan Rece:

On his role:

I am the new YDP [youth development phase] coach and it goes from under 12 to under 16, which means I see a lot of players in the academy. I supervise all these age groups but I am mainly with the under 15s and the under 16s. Now we have staff that we didn’t have before. We have two volunteer coaches for each age group, which allows me to bounce around a bit more with the under 12s, 13s and 14s which is really good. It gives me a better overview of the players within the academy.

“My goal is to get the players into college and then hopefully into the first team. That’s my role.”

On his previous experience:

“Before coming here, I was in China for three and a half years. There were a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. I supervised a lot of people in a new environment and there I put my philosophy while here I work in the philosophy that we already have, which is good.

“Before that, I ran Connah’s Quay’s [Nomads] scholarship program. We started from nothing and built everything, which gave me a good experience in bringing players to the scholarship age.”

On her experience in the role so far:

“I was a part-time coach and arrived here in February with the Under-13s. I worked for a couple of months before this job came up. I went for it and got it, which is really good. I’m busy but I love it, that’s the reason I came back after working abroad.

“At the moment I’m still kind of figuring out the role and figuring out how it works here. So many new parents and players – names are the worst for me, I’m terrible with names – but I’m trying to get that basic stuff before adding the other stuff that I like.”

As part of the Volunteer Coaches Program which allows volunteer coaches to become involved in the academy and the youth system:

“I think every football club that embraces the community and supports the locals who come to the club has that extra bit of family. If we can support them and maybe even get them their coaching qualifications, they’ll have that passion. and this desire to help the club even more.”

Callum Reeves:

On his role:

“First of all, I’m really, really excited about the role. My job is to physically prepare the guys and that will be throughout the academy, from under-9 to under-18. You can see that when you watch us play that we play aggressive pressing [of football]and it’s my job to give guys the physical ability to go out there and do it successfully.

“I’ve been here for a few weeks so it’s still pretty chilly and I still have my feet under the table, but we are slowly working towards full implementation of the fitness program across the academy.”

On his previous experience:

“I was previously at Nottingham Forest, a Grade 1 academy, so I had a very good experience with the [under] 18 and 23 there. At the start of my career, when I was fresh out of university, I started a traineeship at Leicester City which gave me more experience at another Category 1 academy.”

On how it can help improve performance:

“I like to think that my experience can take the academy forward in terms of physical development. I have a lot of experience in Category 1 academies, so hopefully I can use that experience to help these guys.

On the role so far and how his role may affect team performance:

“It’s really tough. Every team I work with is really different; different group of guys and different style of play, things like that. But it’s really good because it challenges me and pushes me. out of my box. The Under 18s are stealing by the minute and are obviously undefeated, but I can’t say that’s up to me! I just want to help with this kind of thing, even if it’s just to keep them a little sharper and ready to go.


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