Aisam launches youth development program


ISLAMABAD: International player Aisam-ul-Haq has announced to continue the Star of Ace Talent Hunt program aimed at scouting the best at the right age to make the country’s future great in tennis.

Speaking to ‘The News’ from the UK, Aisam said he only got sponsorship when he was 27. “I don’t want talent to wait so long to get sponsors. The program aims to spot talent at the right age and groom them to a level where they can win laurels for the country within a few years,” he said.

“It’s a long-term program. My plan is to start the program in August this year. Upon my return to Pakistan, I will officially declare the program open. Clearly, this program requires a lot of finance. I am sure that the sponsors will support the plan to the fullest,” he added.

Revealing the key features of his program, Aisam said the best Under-18 and Under-14 players will be selected through a nationwide selection process. “Twelve boys and four girls will be chosen. I will oversee the whole process, making sure only deserving players are there. I know there are talented teenagers around. But they will still be selected through a selection process,” he added.

Aisam has already secured sponsorship for the program. “Yes, I got a sponsorship for the program where three or four trainers will train the young people continuously throughout the year. I will pay the trainers and the best trainer will also be rewarded at the end of each year After a year of training, these players will be scrutinized and the top two in each category will be promoted,” he said.

Aisam plans to send the top two players on a month-long tour abroad. “The most talented players will be sent on a month-long trip to play international youth events where their progress will be closely monitored. After the international trip, the best emerging player will be further promoted,” he said. trials will take place in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad.


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