Anambra community bans youth activities


The Nteje community of Oyi local government area in Anambra State has banned youth activities to reduce unrest and insecurity in the area.

The general chairman of the community, Mr. Chidiebele Obika, said this over the weekend during a meeting of the combined groups of the community, including the Nteje Development Union (NDU), the women’s group and guardians of community culture and traditions.

Obika, who was recently appointed interim president, said as much while addressing the gathering, noting that the blind sale of land is also abolished as the monies made from such sales were the cause of laziness among most of his youth.

He said, “We are saddened by the state of insecurity in the Nteje community today, and we have gathered here to take action to correct some of the things that are causing it.”

Recently, soldiers invaded the community under the guise of looking for criminals called unknown shooters, and an estimated six youths were reportedly killed.

“One thing I am sure of is that our young people are not members of IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) or ESN (Eastern Security Network).

“But we know we have wayward young people and we are taking steps to rein them in. That is why we have resolved that from today all youth activities in the community be abolished and all youth leaders disbanded.

“It is under the guise of being youth leaders that some people have become the terror of the community, and that must stop. When we are ready to hold elections for youth groups, we will announce it and the people will elect their leaders, not one person standing up and taking leadership.

“Furthermore, indiscriminate land sales have made our young people lazy to rely only on land sales as income. This has resulted in most of our lands being illegally sold by people.

“As of today, anyone wishing to sell land must notify their families, and these, in turn, will notify the Ojiana (tradition keepers), who will now notify community leaders. Same for anyone who wants to buy land in Nteje,” he said.

In the meantime, the community also said that they will start registering all non-indigenous people living in the community, as they have found out that some non-indigenous people are part of the insecurity in the area.


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