Berthoud Parks & Rec offering “virtual winter” youth activities


As the pandemic put a damper on virtually every aspect of life, the Berthoud Parks and Recreation Department came up with creative ideas to keep young people engaged and active with a handful of activities throughout the winter. .

Berthoud’s virtual winter series is currently underway and will feature DIY home activities for each week remaining in December with different holiday themes for each week. From December 7th to 14th the offer is the decoration of the front door / porch, from December 14th to 21st there will be ornament making and decoration and the final course, offered from December 21st to 28th , consists of building a gingerbread house. These activities can be fun for the whole family and provide positive and creative outlets for people of all ages.

According to information provided by Berthoud Parks & Rec, “the projects will be judged by the recreation staff in two different categories: the most festive and the most unique. Participants will need to send photos or video of the progress and final project to [email protected] to be entered for each weekly prize and a grand prize for completing all four tasks. All submissions must be sent by 7:00 a.m. each Monday. This is a free event, but participants must provide materials to complete each project.

Berthoud has been offering the KidzToPros virtual extracurricular program since November with two different sessions remaining in the coming weeks. According to the information provided, “school can often be difficult and stressful. KidzToPros’ online after-school programs give your child the opportunity to exercise their body, explore their imagination, learn new skills, and interact socially in a safe, fun and stress-free environment. All programs are taught by experienced KidzToPros instructors to small groups of no more than 12 students.

Different programs exist for different age groups, one designed for children aged 5-9 and a second for older children aged 9-11. Each class lasts one hour each day of the week via the Zoom conference with participants allowed to choose between two different time slots, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. or from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of the lessons is $ 80 for the younger age group and $ 100 for the older group.

Coming soon, for the week of December 7-11, the offer for the younger age group is Art Skills: Exotic places. In this class, which requires students to provide their own basic art supplies such as pencil, paper, coloring supplies, scissors, and more, children will learn drawing techniques with immediate feedback from the course instructor and the inspiration from their classmates when they virtual travel around the world, learning to draw a variety of different places and landscapes.

The second offering for the younger age group, held the week of December 14-18, is LEGO Masters. As the name suggests, kids use basic LEGO blocks to build an object or set of objects to meet a specific need, one example being an interplanetary rover. “The fun building will combine with discussions of real-life criteria for successful designs. Live online instructors will emphasize the importance of patience, iteration and the use of feedback, while helping kids improve fine motor skills, ”as the guide describes. the lesson.

For the older group, KidsToPros focuses on using computers with MINECRAFT: Adventure Maps and Multiplayer Games, offered December 7-11, and the Web Design Course, offered the following week. In each course students will learn the basics of programming, in the MINECRAFT course students “will think about how to create a playable activity and learn the conditions and triggering of events.” They will use command blocks, red stones and more to create adventure maps, missions or games. Next week, students can take the website design course where they will learn the basics of building a dynamic and engaging website using the programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the website. their choice.

The Chess Wizards course is also offered every Wednesday, December 9, 16 and 30 for one hour from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the cost of $ 88. The course is available to students in grades 1 through 5 with a maximum instructor / student ratio of 1: 6. Four different courses are offered depending on skill level and a placement test is available if a student wants to find their best match.

Due to COVID concerns, registrations are currently on hold for winter recreational basketball offerings, Little Dribblers for ages 4 to 6, and team basketball for grades 3 to 6. Registration and additional information on the various Berthoud Parks & Rec offers are available at


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