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August 13, 2022

NATIVE leaders from Ravenshoe State School and other area schools recently gathered at Lake Tinaroo for a camp specifically designed to help First Nations youth build self-confidence, build team spirit and to develop their leadership skills.

Ravenshoe State School students spend time at Tinaroo Camp last term to learn about leadership.

From kayaking, high and low ropes, to presenting and communicating, students participated in a wide range of activities that focused on important leadership skills.

The school named a group of students based on their attendance rate and behavior, with the students having to have attended school for 80% of the year and have good behavior.

Ravenshoe State School coordinator Tabitha Wilkinson expressed pride in seeing the students develop their leadership skills and believes it will help them as the next generation of leaders.

“It was really refreshing and exciting to watch the kids come out of themselves during camp and see their confidence grow through interactions with their local peers,” she said.

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