Cargill invests in positive youth development with Canadian 4-H


Cargill is encouraging positive youth development through a renewed partnership with 4-H Canada, investing more than $450,000 in the program by 2024.

Funding will be focused on supporting programs at all levels – from local events and programs to provincial and national 4-H events and programs. Another $90,000 will directly support provincial 4-H organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

“We believe 4-H Canada is building the foundation for a bright future by preparing young leaders to make positive changes in their communities,” said Jeff Vassart, president of Cargill Canada. “We’re proud to partner with organizations like 4-H because together we can work to inspire and prepare today’s youth to become revolutionary leaders who will help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. »

For more than 100 years, 4-H Canada has been one of the nation’s premier youth organizations with nearly 23,500 members and over 8,500 volunteers. 4-H empowers youth through its “learning by doing” model of impacting member communities, countries and the world.

Research-based activities teach young people about family and consumer sciences, agriculture, leadership and mastery skills. 4-H members are more likely to make healthier choices, be civically active, and participate in STEM programs.

“We are grateful to Cargill for their committed and enthusiastic support of 4-H Canada’s positive youth development program,” said 4-H Canada CEO Shannon Benner. “A cornerstone of the 4-H program is preparing young people for their future careers, and we are proud to expand our Growing Careers program to help even more young leaders achieve their career goals. By supporting provincial 4-H organizations, Cargill also provides vital resources to local programming, building a strong foundation for 4-H in Canada.

To kick off the partnership, Cargill is sponsoring the Powered Up! and Making a Splash Outreach Initiatives in 2022. These initiatives will create kits for clubs that will include engaging, fun and hands-on activities. The activities will teach young people about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – helping them learn how to solve critical issues such as poverty, health, education and the environment.

In addition, Cargill is strengthening 4-H Canada’s Careers on the Grow programs. Being part of 4-H helps young people prepare for their future careers. 4-H Canada’s career programs allow youth to explore career paths, apply learning skills and gain hands-on work experience.

The funds will also provide essential resources for programming provincial 4-H organizations across the country. Partnering with Cargill will allow 4-H Canada to continue to create safe, fun and inclusive environments where 4-H youth can build their confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Supporting future generations through positive youth development is key to addressing labor shortages in vital industries such as agriculture in Canada. 4-H has always served future generations by promoting education and technology used to better nourish the community, the country and the world. 4-H Canada looks forward to using Cargill funds to continue supporting leadership and learning among today’s youth.

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