Chelsea hires Derby coach Adam Thorley to boost youth development


Chelsea are hiring Derby County Under-18 coach Adam Thorley to bolster the youth development process.

According to Derby Telegraph, Derby County received a heavy blow as Premier League giants Chelsea and Liverpool took down youth coaches Adam Thorley and Matthew Thorpe respectively.

Derby County has been a source of good academy graduates in recent years. The loss of their youth coaches is a testament that the big boys are taking note.

The Rams academy has been producing and nurturing great talent for a long time now. They are able to do this thanks to their world-class youth development infrastructure and support team.

Lee Buchanan emerged from the Derby Academy ranks in the first team (Getty Images)

They gave many academy graduates first-team starts that spurred their growth. In the current squad, Lee Buchanan, Max Bird, Jason Knight and Louie Sibley have all emerged from the ranks of the academy.

Derby was hit with a transfer ban from the English Football League this summer. For this reason, they need their academy graduates more than ever. Due to demand, the role of the academy has become more visible.

Chelsea for their part signed Derby Under-18 coach Adam Thorley, who served the academy for ten years. He will now take the post of Under-15 coach at Chelsea. Derby Under-15 coach Matthew Thorpe will now help Liverpool in the development of their youth. He spent over eight years in Derby.

Chelsea are hiring Derby County Under-18 coach Adam Thorley to bolster the youth development process.
Max Bird also impressed everyone after making his first-team start. Credit: Ryan Conway (TheAthletic)

Chelsea will use the professional veteran’s experience to produce some of their own stars and replicate the success of the Derby academy.

Matthew Thorpe and Adam Thorley both had a great influence on players and have long served the Rams academy. Their departure can have a significant impact on the academy.

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With their departure, many questions remain about the current management of Derby. The Academy has been a powerhouse of the club and has endowed Pride Park with great talent in the past. Now that two of their veterans are gone, they must find answers soon, or the academy will take a heavy blow.

As Chelsea fans we don’t really have to worry. Hopefully Thorley will continue to work his magic in London.


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