China highlights youth development achievements in white paper


The current young generation enjoys an environment conducive to development, ample space to grow and wonderful opportunities for a good career, China said Thursday in a white paper on youth, the first of its kind in the country. .

The white paper, titled “Chinese Youth in the New Era,” said young people are experiencing the best times in Chinese history.

The document, released by the State Council Information Office, highlights the achievements of the country’s youth development in the new era and reflects the spirit of its youth.

He noted that young people in China are enjoying more equal and better quality educational opportunities as the country continues to give high priority to education.

Young people’s career choices are increasingly diverse and market-oriented, and most often made by themselves, the white paper says, adding that young people are benefiting from more development opportunities and greater mobility.

With the extension of the coordinated regional development strategy, young people in China, who flocked to the economically developed southern and eastern regions of the country, have gradually diversified the target cities where they seek development opportunities and where they can integrate and flourish. , according to the white paper.

As fairness and justice in society have steadily improved and people’s rights and interests have been effectively safeguarded, young people in the new era can grow and prosper in a better legal environment and enjoy support. stronger politics, more reliable social security and greater support from a range of organisations, he added.

A 2020 youth survey showed that the majority of Chinese youth wholeheartedly support socialism with Chinese characteristics and are full of confidence in the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, according to the white paper.

Chinese youth in the new era are of the highest caliber, he said, adding that this is reflected in their good physical and mental health.

The white paper indicates that the younger generations, who have received better education on a more equitable basis, have actively adapted and integrated into society with more confidence and have kept pace with social progress, displaying a strong sense of participation. to society and the skills required.

Chinese youth are working hard and stepping forward boldly in this new quest to realize the second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country, he added.

They embrace the world, pursue broader and deeper integration with others, and demonstrate greater rationality, inclusion, self-confidence, and self-reliance, through studying, working, traveling, and participating in home-visiting programs. foreigner, according to the white paper.

Chinese youth calls on young people around the world to uphold the values ​​of beauty, righteousness and kindness, maintain a spirit of youth and vigor, shoulder responsibility for national development, and bring wisdom and strength to peace and development. development in the world, according to the white paper.


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