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The Elliott 5.9 Class Owners Association has an Elliott 5.9 Class boat which is available for free charter for qualified crew.

The purpose of the charter is to allow youngsters or the development team to compete in one-design Elliott 5.9 competition through the highly successful Elliott 5.9 Traveler series.

The Elliott 5.9 continues to offer very close one-design racing and is currently one of the largest and most competitive non-Olympic classes currently in New Zealand.

Over time the class has continued to help develop some of New Zealand’s finest sailors and the class association is pleased to be able to offer this continued opportunity for crew and sailor development.

2021 Retro South Island Champions – Elliott Association 5.9

Application process
Applications from qualified crews will be accepted and the Association will make the boat available to the selected crew for the duration of at least one Traveler Series season and any other periods or regattas, such as National Championships, which may be negotiated.

The qualification criteria are as follows:

  • All crew members must be under the age of 25
  • The boat must compete in all Traveler Series regattas in the given year
  • Rotation of crew members between regattas is permitted, but a maximum of six crew members may not be used across the entire Traveler Series.
  • Must be able to store the boat with off-street parking (see additional note below)
  • Must be able to tow the boat at each regatta with a suitable towing vehicle and current driver’s license
  • Take care of minor boat and trailer maintenance
  • The boat can be sailed with 4 crew members if they meet the crew weight test requirements
  • Each charter will be for a maximum of one season

The Elliott 5.9 Class Map will provide:

  • A boat, including sails, that complies with the class rules (Note: the boat must not be modified in any way without first seeking the approval of the class association)
  • Trailer in working order, registered and guaranteed.
  • Associate Class Membership (non-voting)
  • Free Entry to the Complete Elliott 5.9 Traveler Series
  • Comprehensive boat insurance

Note regarding storage: The class may be able to assist with the storage of the boat in various locations if the qualified crew does not have suitable storage space.

2021 Retro South Island Champions – Elliott Association 5.9

To apply, please email Stu Clarke HERE

Please include:

  • information that shows you can meet the criteria described above
  • A brief crew CV including sailing background, experience and objectives.

For more information on the Elliott 5.9 Class Association, visit www.e59.org.nz

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About Elliott 5.9
The Elliott 5.9 emerged in the early 1980s as a high performance trailer yacht and continues to deliver competitive one design racing in a welcoming fleet of world class sailors and novices alike. The boats started a revolution with their well-balanced, cost-effective design, and quickly became the boat of choice for top club training programs and fertile ground for America’s Cup, Ocean Race and Olympic champions from New Zealand.

Sailed by a crew of three, the Elliott 5.9 remains a low-maintenance sailboat with efficient single-spreader fractional rig, well-balanced sail plan and practical deck layout. Whether sailing among yachts with mixed trailers, fleets of sports boats or in a one-design setting, the 5.9 is celebrated for its responsiveness and exceptional value.


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