Faith in Action: May 15, 2022 – Supporting youth in foster care, community college and housing


Every week at All Saints Church, we put our faith into action. This Sunday, the featured ministry is the Foster Youth Project and we focus on two bills in the California Legislature aimed at helping young people transition into productive adulthood.

One bill is Senate Bill 885 – Supporting Foster Home Youth in Community Colleges. It will expand the NextUp program to other campuses in the California Community College (CCC) system by removing the existing cap on the number of districts that can receive funding. The bill also streamlines program administration and creates flexibility around unit enrollment requirements.

Fact Sheet on SB 885 – Supporting Young Adopters in Community Colleges

The other bill is AB 1615 – Former Foster Youth Housing. California is home to the largest foster youth population in the nation, serving nearly 60,000 children and youth. Each year, nearly 3,500 of these young people leave the system to navigate an increasingly unaffordable housing market with limited financial assistance and support. Although California has invested in programs to help former foster youth, these programs do not have the capacity to ensure that all of these youth transition into safe and stable housing. This bill would increase housing options for former transition-aged youth by expanding the eligibility and duration of existing housing programs.

AB 1615 Fact Sheet – Former Youth Foster Home

We ask you to sign two letters. One letter is addressed to your member of the California State Senate supporting SB885 and the other letter is addressed to your member of the California State Assembly supporting AB1615.

Options to act:

  1. Sign the action letters at the action table outside the church on Sunday morning.
  2. Download pdf copies of action letters that you can sign and send:
    Action Letter for SB 885 – Community College Action Letter for AB1615 – Housing


If you ever need to look up your member of the United States House of Representatives or your United States Senators, check here: and

To find the coordinates of your California State Senator or California State Assemblyman check here: and


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