Haverhill invites applications by April 30 to offer activities for young people


Haverhill is looking for ways to spend $450,000 on programs for Haverhill youth who are suffering the effects of isolation due to the pandemic, income disparities and other issues.

Last year, the City Council and Mayor James J. Fiorentini developed a plan to allocate funds from the US Federal Bailout Act to support a youth activities and mental health initiative. Councilman Melinda E. Barrett, a member of the advisory committee overseeing the program, said Tuesday that applications are available for groups and individuals with ideas about how to serve the city’s younger population.

“People who are traditional service providers for mental health and for youth activities and also for people who might know a child who would like music lessons, but their families can’t swing it, or whatever either that would enlighten them, an app for them as well. So it’s kind of unique compared to most funding sources,” she said.

Committee chair George Moriarty explained how people can get involved.

“We currently have a short window that we are working on, by the end of June. We are not trying to put together large-scale programs with a lot of administrative services and a lot of staff. What we are really trying to do in the short term it is to get things started,” he told city councillors.

Moriarty said four applications have already been accepted and he hopes to hear from more community organizations, parents, educators, businesses and others. He said the first deadline to submit an application was Saturday, April 30.

Individuals or organizations interested in participating in the program can email the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Allison Heartquist, at [email protected] with the youth activity request written in the subject line. More information can also be found on the homepage of the city’s website at cityofhaverhill.com.


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