I would prioritize youth development if elected, says Biodun Oyebanji


Biodun OyebanjiAll Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti, says he will implement policies to keep the state functioning if elected.

The gubernatorial candidate said so on Tuesday when unveiling his manifesto for the state.

Oyebanji said long-term progress does not happen overnight, adding that he will build on the achievements of the current administration.

According to Oyebanji, he drafted his manifesto after talking to people in the state to find out their problems and needs.

“These ideas have come from my interactions with various categories of Ekiti citizens at home and abroad. I have listened carefully to all that has been said to me and I am deeply convinced that the task before us is possible through grace of God and with us working together,” he said.

“This is not the usual promise from a politician to a voting public, but a commitment from an Ekiti man to his people. It is a promise from me that we will build on our achievements as a state and strive to do more.

“The pillars of strategic action that we propose are all interdependent. We ensure that there is sufficient investment and that special attention is paid to specific areas that we believe have the potential to create opportunity, improve well-being and ensure growth. sustainable for all; from our elderly, to our youth, to our women, to our state and local workers, to our small and micro business owners, to our investors, to our teachers and lecturers; and of course, our children.

“Let me remind you that there is no magic wand to building our state and the sustainable progress we want will not happen overnight. We have come a long way to reclaim our lands and restore our values, it is now time to retreat and maintain all our gains.

“That’s why it’s important that we encourage policies that allow the state to work in partnership with our people. You will agree, many of our plans require partnerships, funding, community input and all on deck, working together for our common goal; of a progressive and productive Ekiti State.

“It is on this note that I would like to present my manifesto to you. This roadmap focuses on the critical growth areas we need to develop, to ensure that we deliver the future we want for Ekiti. I will now provide an overview of each pillar, showing the rationale for focus and summarizing our plans in each area. »

In his manifesto, the governor said he would prioritize youth development and job creation, with a focus on financial support for MSMEs, digital skills, job skills, knowledge zone Ekiti and the development of sport.

“Our promise to create jobs is based on the understanding that job creation is an outcome, not an activity. With this in mind, we have identified some of the drivers, markets and industries that create jobs and intend to nurture them and give them the enabling structures and support to create the jobs we need,” he said. -he declares.

Oyebanji said other areas of governance he would focus on if elected include human capital development, education, health, social investment, agriculture and rural development, infrastructure and tourism. industrialization, arts and tourism.

“Among other things, we plan to ensure the completion of the current 30-year Ekiti State development plan, and also develop a framework that aligns annual budgets with the development plan,” said- he declared.

“Ekiti Kete, I have faith in the future of this great state and its people, and am committed to leading from the front lines, as we continue on the path of a prosperous people; a safe and secure Ekiti; one where everyone has something to eat and a place to rest at night, where every young person has access to the education and skills needed to find gainful employment; where women can live a life of dignity and opportunity, where all our parents can send their children to school to learn; an attractive Ekiti for investors and companies of all sizes that bring jobs, development and opportunities to our State.

“We have started this journey and we are on our way. Of all the candidates in the upcoming elections, I am in the best position to propose an agenda for Ekiti that is innovative, relevant, inclusive and realistic.

Oyebanji will face Bisi Kolawole, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), among others, in the gubernatorial election of Ekiti State on June 18.


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