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Monroe County Mayor Mitch Ingram reflected on the past year as he planned the direction of his goal for next year.

Ingram expressed his belief that this year has been better for the county than the year before.

“Overall it has been a very solid year,” said Ingram. “It has been a year of recovery in many areas and for the whole county we have seen much better progress and we have seen this wonderful economic growth and this tremendous industrial growth.”

Some of the industrial growth has led to the sale of 72 acres to Niles Ferry Industrial Park, and an additional 35 acres are currently in negotiation.

“We put 30 properties back on the tax roll in the county, which hasn’t been done in over 20 years and a lot of great things have happened,” Ingram said. “There are so many things I can list. Our fund balance here in the county is pumping $ 12 million and just recently the county commission voted to set aside $ 4 million for capital projects and we’ve never done that in the history of this county.

The county also received more than $ 21 million in grants during the year.

“I think the recovery from the pandemic has gone extremely well,” he said. “The hot topic right now, which is at the state level and not the local level, is the mandate to vaccinate with employers, but it obviously relates to the federal court. People continue to get vaccinated and our COVID count has dropped because either people have been vaccinated or they already had it. “

Ingram had several projects planned for this year that he was able to complete.

“One of the items was a water pipe project that covered five and a half miles,” Ingram said. “It served 73 homes. We still have about nine miles to go with that ARP money, which will serve 159 homes. We are completing the radio project, which will be a lifeline for our first responders in the county, we were able to put four more ambulances on the road. These are just a few examples of everything we have done. “

Looking ahead to next year, Ingram would like to focus more on youth activities outside of school.

“Now that we have completed some projects that we wanted to complete, the development of young people will be our goal,” he noted. “Another challenge that I think we will see in the long term will be affordable housing with all of the jobs coming into the county. These people would like a place to live when they come here. I am certainly not going to make subdivisions from farms, I am a farmer myself, but it will be a challenge for us to find the housing around our riding to accommodate the new jobs and positions that we will have. “

Ingram had a moment of thought as he gazed past the new animal shelter building.

“The new animal shelter has been approved and the deal with MCFA was definitely a big project this year,” Ingram said. “I can’t wait to see how things turn out with the new refuge. “

Ingram believes this has been an “exciting” year for Monroe County.

“It has been a very exciting and busy year in Monroe County,” he said. “We just want to keep our momentum going next year. We come to work every day. I’m not a flashy politician and never pretended to be a flashy politician, we just come to work every day and try to do our best for the citizens of the country. county.


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