KFC demonstrates its commitment to youth development


As South Africans commemorate National Youth Month, fast food giant KFC prepares to celebrate 13 years of sponsoring the KFC Mini-Cricket program and show its commitment to developing today’s youth and the heroes of tomorrow.

As a long-time supporter of the development of cricket in and around the country, KFC is aware of the socio-economic challenges faced by children in different communities and the difference in resources available to children across South Africa. South.

The KFC Mini-Cricket program is a powerful vehicle to provide equal opportunities for children who receive the necessary resources they need to develop their skills and play the sport on an equal footing, by leveling the rules of the game.

Whenever a KFC Mini-Cricket Festival is held, children from all walks of life have the opportunity to play together and get the same opportunities, regardless of their background.

Not only does the program impact the 126,000 KFC Mini-Cricket players (boys and girls), who are part of the programme, but it also harnesses the power of communities through the 13,600 volunteer KFC Mini-Cricket coaches, who are committed to nurturing children’s potential through sport.

To further enhance the impact and inspirational power of the programme, the KFC Mini-Cricket program is also designed to help children with disabilities and many LSEN schools and schools for the hearing impaired in South Africa, so that no one is left behind. next to.

This program is specifically designed to be inclusive. Andra Nel, Head of Purpose and Brand Reputation for KFC, said: “The kids on the program all speak the same language and have the same purpose, which is to get on the pitch and enjoy cricket together. Youth Day is an important and special day for us as the KFC Mini-Cricket program was launched on this day, with the aim of providing equal opportunities for young people and inspiring them to be great, no only in cricket but in life. That is why after 13 years, this program continues to grow and contribute immensely to the development of cricket and youth in South Africa.


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