Liberia: CDA deputy boss calls for integrated youth development


The Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), the new Deputy Registrar General for Gender, Youth Involvement and Program Development, Mohammed K. Jalloh, highlighted the need for integrated youth development programs in Liberia through of farming.

“When the young people of this country are given the requisite agricultural education and equal opportunity through training and marketing skills, the country will surely experience some serious positive changes in the future,” he said.

Speaking at his induction ceremony at 72nd, Paynesville, he called on the national government to provide the youth of Liberia with the necessary opportunities they need to improve their future.

According to him, young people make up about 65 percent of Liberia’s population, so the need for youth empowerment through cooperatives should not be considered.

Jalloh said the move to empower young people through agriculture will help create Liberian entrepreneurs and make the country food self-sufficient.

“Youth development is one of the key factors that guides a nation and leads it on the path to prosperity.”

On August 29, 2021, President George M. Weah appointed Mr. Mohammed Jalloh to serve as Deputy Registrar General for Youth Program and Development at the Cooperative Development Agency, along with Eugene S. Joboe, Jr., Registrar Assistant General for Community Services respectively.

“President Dr. George Weah appoints me to this position to help him implement the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), he did not send me here to undermine anyone. but rather to work with all of you in collaboration and harmony,” Mr. Jalloh said.

Meanwhile, CDA’s Registrar General, Madame Regina Sokan-Teah, applauded President Weah for appointing a capable and hardworking young man to lead the co-op’s youth program, noting that his coming is a plus for the Liberian youth.


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