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The Magnolia Youth Activities Association offers girls ages 6 to 11 the opportunity to learn fastpitch softball.

Commissioner Tim Lowe said registrations are open for the league, which will be split into two age groups: 6-8 and 9-11. Lowe said about 130 to 140 children have participated in the association’s baseball and baseball leagues this summer, and that he wants to give the girls in town exposure to another scholarship sport.

“Slowpitch isn’t played in Mississippi anymore, so we wanted to expose young girls to fastpitch,” Lowe said. “We wanted to create a place right in the middle of the city and serve some disadvantaged children within the city limits. Often the kids we help don’t have the resources or can be intimidated playing in other leagues across the country, so we wanted to provide a competitive environment for them where they could learn from good coaches and feel safe. “

Only 20 to 25 kids are currently registered in softball, Lowe said, and he has extended registration until Oct. 5 and hopes to start the league in mid-October and run until just before the Thanksgiving break. The cost of registration is $ 60, which includes a uniform and insurance. Right now the plan is to have three teams in the 6-8 and 9-11 leagues.

“The number I had in mind was between 50 and 60,” Lowe said as his entry goal. “That would give me three teams per league with about nine to 10 girls per team.”

The games will be played on the baseball field next to Magnolia Middle School, which is owned by the Meridian Public School District but is run by the city. Lowe said the league’s goal is to prepare young female softball players both physically and emotionally for the fast-paced game and to develop a positive competitive spirit that will serve girls on and off the field.

“It’s a developmental league where they will learn the rules of the fastpitch and have a real umpire,” said Lowe. “It will be a good starting point for them, and then they can maybe move on to softball or a more competitive league, or even play in school.

Lowe said the association hopes to launch kickball and flag football leagues in the future as well. To register for softball, visit


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