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Gardnersville– Mayouba and Sons, through the Jim Care Foundation, initiated a youth empowerment project within the Dust Field community, which also initiated the involvement of several participating communities at the event.

The General Manager of Mayouba and Sons, Mr. Amadu Sheriff is a resident of the Gardnersville Town Hall Community in the Township of Gardnersville and is passionate about working with the Jim Care Foundation to build the youth development dynamics of the communities within the canton and beyond.

The CEO of Moyouba and Sons, Mr. Sheriff, recently adopted several proposals from the Jim Care Foundation to engage in developments within the communities and also to help promote youth development.

As part of the kick-off, Mr. Marcus Geeplay, Member of the Board of Directors of Mayouba and Sons, and Mr. JIM Akoi Gawolo, Executive Director of Jim Care Foundation Over the weekend, represented their institutions respective ones during the one-day interactive forum with several youth organisations.

The meeting saw several young people from various communities who participated in developing plans and establishing a framework to impact young people in and around the township.

The program brought together many young people who came up with a strong community sanitation program and youth empowerment projects.

Mr. Geeplay from Mayouba and Sons pledged that his institution will provide various types of sanitation materials in support of the proposed youth project.

Recently, the Jim Care Foundation was approached by several residents of communities in the township, including other extended communities, to include them in the foundation’s youth development plan.

The foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization that aims to bring social and mental relief to young people and communities.

Mr. Sheriff highlighted the need to collaborate with the JCF which he has observed impacting several communities by rehabilitating community playgrounds; rehabilitation and construction of community latrines; rehabilitation of markets; and sponsor of several social and development programs.

In a released statement, the two organizations said there were ongoing projects in which conclusions were underway to build public latrines in the Gardnersville Town Hall community; whose absence has created stressful situations for pedestrians and others who still visit the Gardnersville Township administrative complex.

During the youth forum, Mr. Geeplay expressed the need for young people to be far-sighted and aware of the national development agenda of the state and to be responsible citizens at all times.

He added that young people should also get involved in voluntary community services, which entails the support that needs to be provided to secure their respective communities and stay away from violence and non-tolerance.

Mayouba and Sons is a commodity with several conglomerates contributing to Liberia’s business community. It is one of the major importers of petroleum products and other commodities.


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