Murdoch University is offering scholarships to the Bhutan Youth Development Fund


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Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia is offering a scholarship named in honor of Her Majesty The Queen Mother Tseyring Pem Wangchuck, Chair of the Bhutan Youth Development Fund.

In collaboration with the Bhutan Youth Development Fund, of which Her Majesty the Queen Mother is the Chairperson, the university will cover 50% of the fees for the entire undergraduate degree, with one beneficiary traveling to Perth each semester until the end of 2024.

BYDF Executive Director Dorji Ohm said, “Murdoch University is known for its world-class academics, world-changing research, excellent facilities and wide range of courses.

“BYDF is deeply honored to be the recipient of this scholarship and recognizes this partnership as a symbolic journey that will mark important milestones in creating Bhutanese students who are sensitive to current needs and ready to face their future with confidence, a wonderfully fitting alignment. with BYDF’s vision of a “better today, a better future for the youth of Bhutan”.

Murdoch International Regional Director for Bhutan, Conor Murphy, said the university was delighted to be a friend of Bhutan by supporting its community through education and delighted to welcome the first scholar to Perth in the coming months.

“This endeavor reflects Murdoch University’s values ​​of equity and social justice, opportunity, sustainability, and global responsibility, and it will help equip students with the skills to become leaders in their communities and contribute to the sustainable and equitable economic development in Bhutan,” he said. .

“It’s also a wonderful learning opportunity for the Murdoch community, as these students will bring a diversity of cultures, thoughts, and goals to our university, which is truly invaluable.”


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