National 4-H Week Celebrates Positive Youth Development Opportunities


Each year, National 4-H Week sees millions of youth, parents, volunteers and alumni come together to celebrate the many opportunities for positive youth development that 4-H offers. This year’s National 4-H Week theme, Find Your Spark, is a campaign created by the National 4-H Council to rally support for Cooperative Extension’s 4-H program and identify solutions to close the gap. opportunities that affect 55 million children across America.

With so many children struggling to reach their full potential, 4-H believes that young people, in partnership with adults, can play a key role in creating a brighter and more equitable future for young people, families and communities across the country. At 4-H, we believe that every child should have an equal chance to succeed and we believe that every child should have the skills they need to make a difference in the world.

Columbia County 4-H will observe National 4-H Week this year by highlighting some of the inspiring 4-H youth in our community who are working tirelessly to support each other and their communities. Throughout the week, 4-Hs will be showing their 4-H spirit in a number of ways. Young people can even carry out community service projects as they strive to improve the best!

There are seven days in National 4-H Week and each has a corresponding theme here in Columbia County. Grateful Sunday, Make it Monday, Try it Tuesday, Wear Green Wednesday, Return Thursday, Favorite Project Friday, and Service Saturday.

According to Pat Wagner, 4-H Columbia County Positive Youth Development Educator, “For more than a century, Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development has strived to engage youth participants from across the state in the process. leadership, training, community development experiences and experiential learning. opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. For many young people, 4-H is the first class they take at UW! “

In Columbia County, nearly 300 4-H youth and 100 community youth and adult volunteers are involved in 4-H. Columbia County 4-H youth are involved in many different projects or programs. Young people can find a project that matches their interests, from crafts and robotics to small motors, theater or animals and much more. Youth can also experience leadership opportunities through statewide programs, camps and travel experiences.

Young people and their families are able to create a 4-H experience that fosters a sense of belonging; development of advanced skills that will promote mastery; a broad perspective that leads to generosity; and a self-understanding that allows young people to embrace their independence. These four essentials of 4-H youth development are key to the success young people experience through 4-H club membership and project work.


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