Natung discusses promotion of sports and youth activities with Governor


ITANAGAR, April 20: Sports and Business, Environment, Forestry and Climate Change Minister Mama Natung called Governor BD Mishra at Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday and discussed promoting sports and youth activities and safeguarding forest land for the conservation and protection of the state’s rich flora and fauna. .

The governor has emphasized hosting more games and sports activities to promote healthy competition among the state’s youth. He advocated using the services of performers in games and sports to popularize various sports disciplines.

Mishra advised the minister to organize youth congresses to raise public awareness about drug addiction and other social evils.

“The youth must be encouraged, given the opportunity and opportunity to cultivate nationalism and progressive coexistence. They have a role to play in solving social problems, including protecting the environment, preserving good centuries-old traditions, eliminating bad social customs and contributing to socio-economic development,” the governor said.

Expressing concern over the occurrence of landslides in different parts of the state, Mishra suggested the minister to organize mass planting campaigns across the state.

Praising Natung for the “Abhiyan of airgun surrender”, the governor said it is the responsibility of every Arunachali to protect the flora and fauna of the state. He called for the conservation and protection of forest lands. (PRO to Raj Bhavan)


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