NYDA Amendment Bill Will Be Marked As Youth Development Milestone


The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) says the approval of the NYDA Amendment Bill will be marked as one of the milestones for youth development in the country, as it shows that the voice of youth is taken seriously by the government.

NYDA welcomed Cabinet approval to amend NYDA Act 2008 (Act 54, 2008), following extensive consultations undertaken with various stakeholders across the country in May 2021 at a Development Strategy Conference integrated youth.

NYDA Executive Chairman Asanda Luwaca said during the consultations that young people proposed that the NYDA Act of 2008 should broadly address the challenges of young people in the country.

“We are delighted with the changes that have been made. The current law provides a legislative framework for the provision of a national youth service, support for the economic participation of young people, counseling and information services for young people “said Luwaca.

Luwaca said the agency would like to encourage all young people to be part of consultative processes that influence policy changes in the country.

“The proposed amendments strengthen specific areas of focus within the challenges facing youth; clarify the entity’s political reporting lines and propose to increase the size of the NYDA Board of Directors from seven to 10 members.

“It provides for the establishment of NYDA services at the local level, especially for young people in rural areas, who cannot easily access NYDA services,” Luwaca said.

(With contributions from the South African government press release)


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