*SCAPE unveils a new space and a new concept aimed at the development of young people



The new *SCAPE will be rezoned into three key areas on five levels.

One area will serve as a space for young entrepreneurs to gather and share ideas, while the other will allow the youth community to express themselves through various forms in the creative economy. The third zone includes a digital and physical space for creatives and content creators to collaborate.

* SCAPE also said visitors can also expect an updated range of retail, entertainment and leisure experiences, adding that more details will be revealed later.

Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE, said, “Since its inception, *SCAPE has played a pivotal role in Singapore’s youth community by providing them with a safe platform to pursue their dreams.”

“Our reinvented approach for the new *SCAPE will continue to provide a safe space for creative and enterprising individuals as we build on our trajectory to nurture the next generation of young and bright minds,” she added.

During the year-long overhaul, *SCAPE said it would continue to host programs such as the National Youth Film Awards, Music Day Out! and Creative Fellowship to help young people harness their creativity.


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