SDNU establishes plans on property, youth development


Mawan (fifth from left), Janang (fourth from left), Alice (second from left) and members toast to mark the occasion.

KUCHING (20 June): Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) Chairman Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom has reaffirmed that SDNU regularly ensures that the Rumah Dayak project at Jalan Satok will get its occupation permit long awaited.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Gawai Dayak union here on Saturday evening, Mawan urged critics not to use the Rumah Dayak project simply for political purposes or as a reason to ridicule or belittle Dayaks, saying it would not help their cause.

“Some quarters who are unsure of Rumah Dayak’s status should talk to me.

“They know little about Rumah Dayak, so why should we respond to them (via social media). If there are so many questions and factors to discuss, we can go for a real open session,” a- he said in his speech.

Rumah Dayak, often called by critics “the oldest project”, had the building’s foundation laid in 1997.

Apart from Rumah Dayak, SDNU has also planned to develop its land ownership in Siol Kandis and Jalan Chawan here.

Mawan believes that the SDNU will be able to move forward with the support of the majority of Dayaks.

“There is no reason to destroy it (SDNU) after its 64 years of existence. We must continue the good works of our ancestors. We wouldn’t accomplish anything if we backed down.

“I know there are people, even among us Dayaks, who wish to see us fail, but the majority of us Dayaks will continue to cling to our cause,” he said. to remark.

The Assemblyman from Pakan said SDNU will continue to reach out to many other young Dayak in its efforts to make the union more vibrant, bringing in new and innovative talent.

SDNU will also host a series of golf tournaments and other recreational programs, including ‘The Warriors Run’ Joggerthon.

“Young people want to have fun and SDNU is not only lively and vibrant but also a provider of social and sports platforms. Let us all stand up together,” Mawan said.

As part of the fundraising program for the night’s event, Mawan managed to raise RM15,000 for SDNU by performing two songs.

Over 600 people attended the dinner held at the UCSI Hotel, and dignitaries included Dato Janang Bhd, Managing Director of Konsortium Bumi Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd, also Chairman of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia Sarawak, and Dato Alice Jawan, President of Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS). .


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