Sindh government urged to prioritize youth development


Participants in a workshop urged the government of Sindh to prioritize the development of youth in the province by allocating more resources to the Department of Youth Affairs, expanding the infrastructural and institutional reach of the Department of Youth Affairs. at least at the divisional level to increase regional coverage and sensitization of young people to implement the policy and ensure the formation of youth development committees at the district level.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) held a validation workshop on Tuesday for the finalization of the Sindh youth policy implementation plan in a hotel from Karachi.

Representatives from the Youth Department, universities, civil society groups, business and enterprise sector, youth, students, disabled youth forums, media and technical experts attended the workshop. and shared their views on the implementation plan.

Javed Hussain, consultant to UNDP for its youth policy support program, Dr Ismail Kumbhar from Sindh Agricultural University, Shahab Mughal from Sindh University, Fatima Ahmed and Syed Moin Haider Zaidi from UNDP, Syed Habibullah from the Youth Development Directorate, Noor Najeer of the Civil Society Support Program and Shahnaz Sheedi of the South Asia Partnership Pakistan were among the participants.

Participants said the main highlights of the eight-year implementation plan included the launch of the Youth Capital Fund, low-interest loans, central employment information and a data bank. awareness raising for young people, promotion of youth entrepreneurship, launching of volunteering, promotion of peace and cultural harmony, mental health and awareness of life skills of young people, strengthening of youth participation to the local government process taking into account the inclusion of young people living in hard-to-reach areas and the vulnerable youth population.

They suggested that members of the Youth Development Committee could play an active role in monitoring and advocating for youth-friendly budgets at district level and that the already notified YDC be made effective.

They also discussed the formation of the interdepartmental working committee to develop synergies and compile progress and accelerate the implementation of youth policy. In this regard, an interdepartmental coordination Interdepartmental coordination working committee must be developed within the Youth Directorate.

A working committee will include the departments of youth, health, education and agriculture, the Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA), the Mental Health Authority and the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program.

Workshop participants also suggested the formulation of the Youth Development Commission to support technical advice, ensure resources, strategic direction and performance evaluation. Participants suggested the composition of the commission and its mandate, scope, and suggested at least 30 percent representation of youth and transgender people for their effective participation in the policy planning and implementation process.


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