Sola Latunji lands role as UN Special Envoy for Youth Development


On August 19, 2022, we attended the induction ceremony where social media motivator Sola Latunji whose Instagram handle is @so_lat was appointed Special Envoy of the International Peace and Governance Council (IPGC) of the United Nations Youth Development.

It was such a colorful event honored by high society and influential dignitaries. He and a few other privileged individuals were recognized for their humanitarian services, leadership and passion for youth empowerment at the recently concluded Pan African Leadership Symposium and Honors (PALESH2022), co-hosted by the Leadership Center Arise O’ Nigeria and the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council. which took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja.

When asked how he had qualified for such a prestigious position, he emphatically replied that over the years he had only been consistent in activities that improve the lives of people far and wide. close. Yes, by the grace of God, he has always held leadership positions at different stages of his life, but he noted that he lets passion drive him and not power.

He explained that he derives pleasure from seeing human lives improve. On his social media platforms, his posts are mostly motivational. He said, “The world is filled with so many natural negativities, so we need higher forces that can neutralize the effectiveness of negative vibes among humanity. And so I choose the path of amplifying positive vibes to master negativity by inspiring the world with my messages/speeches. I am particular and deliberate about what I communicate by speaking or writing to the public at all times – because words do or spoil”.

This passion is evident from Sola Latunji’s university years in Europe, where he effectively served as President of the International Union of Students during his final two years at university. Despite the challenges that arise from the cultural differences between nationals and foreign students, he has never tired of doing whatever is necessary to ensure that peace reigns and the community is conducive to everyone’s life. , regardless of culture and nationality.

It didn’t end there for Sola Latunji that night. We also experienced his recognition and solemn admission as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership (CIML), USA. The membership certificate was presented by Dr Oluremi Olutimo, President of Highstone International University, California, USA.


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