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Dear Editor:

Godby Home Furnishings, like many businesses, receives many requests to financially support many local charities. We help as much as possible, focusing on the charities we believe can have the most impact. The Sheridan Youth Assistance Program is just such an organization.

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My sister Nikki Zachery was the guidance counselor at Sheridan Middle School. She told me about the incredible work Lisa Samuels and SYAP were doing in the Sheridan community. I think it’s important to reach children early in life and let them know that someone is around to support them. That’s exactly what Lisa and her team do every day. His passion for the children and families of Sheridan is exactly why Godby Home Furnishings chose this organization. We believe that every dollar of support goes directly to improving a child’s life and, in turn, will help the Town of Sheridan for many years to come.

At Godby Home Furnishings we will never forget our Sheridan roots and the many years of support given to us. We will continue to support SYAP as much as we can… It’s the right thing to do!

Jeff Godby

Godby House Furnishings


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