The government and the UN launch the National Youth Vision 2030 and reiterate their commitment to the development and empowerment of young people [EN/AR/KU] – Iraq


Baghdad, May 10, 2021 – The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports has launched the National Youth Vision 2030. The Vision was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Youth from the Kurdistan Regional Government, with technical support from UNFPA and UNICEF, and funding from Sweden, through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The National Youth Vision is a multisectoral, youth-focused, human rights-based roadmap to empower young people in Iraq and create opportunities for them, given the demographic dividend with 20% of the elderly population aged 15 to 24 and 41% aged 10 to 30.

The National Youth Vision is the result of country-wide discussions between relevant ministries, stakeholders and young people. It will guide sectoral strategies on the overall development of young people, creating opportunities to raise their health, psychological, social, cultural and economic status and enabling young people to be included in decision-making socially, economically and politically.

Speaking at the launch, Youth and Sports Minister Dr Adnan Al-Darjal said, “The vision, with its fourteen thematic areas, represents the concerns, issues and aspirations of young people revealed by the ‘National Youth Survey. The vision was based on real and factual data that dozens of researchers and experts identified in all governorates.

“Any youth project that does not include young people in its core will not have the desired result, because young people are the main component of all youth-oriented businesses and projects. We plan to present the vision to the Council of Ministers as soon as it becomes a national document. We urge government partners to adopt policies governed by the vision and consider allocating fiscal budgets to them as a necessity, ”he added.

For her part, UNFPA Representative Dr Rita Columbia stressed: “The National Youth Vision 2030 is an important document because it will facilitate the overall development of youth in Iraq and ensure that the country benefits from its demographic dividend. The Vision places particular emphasis on girls and young women who, if and when supported, can play an important role in the sustainable development of Iraq. I thank both ministries for endorsing a Youth Vision which, with proper implementation, can harness the enormous potential of youth in Iraq and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the country ”.

UNICEF Deputy Representative Dr Paula Bulancea said: “Young people in Iraq are diverse, creative and vibrant. When they get the support and resources they need, they can support their communities. Today, with the launch of the National Youth Vision 2030, we advocate for the engagement of all stakeholders in favor of more sustainable development for young people and adolescents in all fields. The partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Culture and Youth, as well as with other government entities and local partners is important to us in order to achieve the best results for young people. The launch of the National Youth Vision 2030 is a key contribution to the 2030 Agenda and a vital compass to guide us all in our common work.

The launch of the National Youth Vision 2030 took place at the Prime Minister’s Guest House with virtual participation from donor countries and sister UN agencies.

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