The Office of Education and Youth Development will gradually resume normal operations from August 2


MACAO, August 1 – In response to the “Guidelines for the Public Sector on Working Arrangements after August 2” issued by the Bureau of Public Administration and Civil Service, the headquarters of the Bureau of Education and Youth Development and its subordinate units including: Resource Training Center, Language Center, Moral Education Center, Parent Education Center, Psychopedagogical Support and Special Education Center (first floor reading room and services reserved on the second and fourth floors respectively), Exterior Porto Activity Center, Bairro do Hipódromo Activity Center, Educational Base for Young People on the theme of Love of Fatherland and Macao, Pavilion of Patriotism, youth experimentation center, youth art exhibition and performance hall, center for higher education students as well as study rooms will gradually resume normal activities. from August 2.

All sites will continue to strictly adhere to the health department’s epidemic prevention guidelines. People entering the venues should follow the instructions of the staff on site, such as scanning the venue’s QR code, showing the Macau health code, taking body temperature and wearing a mask, etc. During the “stable period”, residents are required to submit a nucleic acid test certificate or proof of negative result within 3 days from the date of collection (i.e. the day of the use of the service/facilities or in the last 2 days) when using the booking services of the Center for Psychology – Pedagogical Support and Special Education, the sports facilities of the Porto Outside Activity Center and the Bairro do Hipódromo activity center. At the same time, crowd management measures will be adopted in each room in order to limit the number of people on site. Could the public understand and cooperate?

In addition, the Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional gymnasium, the Parent Education Center (Lago), the Areia Preta Activity Center and the hostels will remain closed until further notice.

For all inquiries, please call 28555533 during office hours, or email:, or visit the DSEDJ website:


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