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Written by Cassandra Savel, Associate Analyst, Corporate Social Responsibility

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The young people and the caretakers meet at the Maison de l’Amour. Photo courtesy of SOS Children’s Villages Philippines.

Supporting the positive development of children and youth is an essential aspect of building a resilient and thriving community. The educational and social experiences that take place during the formative years influence the rest of a young person’s life, affecting everything from mental and physical health to home and job security. Yet in the Philippines, around 1.8 million children, or more than 1% of the population, are neglected or abandoned.

Knowing this, onsemi took action to foster the well-being of young people by awarding a grant in spring 2020 to SOS Children’s Villages Philippines, a non-profit organization located in Muntinlupa City, Philippines that provides childcare. family type with children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them. Thanks to the one-year grant, 16 children and youth between the ages of seven and 20 received essentials, including shelter, clothing and food. In addition, the organization offered engaging programs and activities to foster success in the areas of health, education, society, emotion and morals.

Community mentors and volunteers served as guides for children and youth to become responsible and caring young adults. With healthy meals and vitamins, regular health care and routine check-ups with partner health services, young people have been put on the path to realizing their potential.

Mama Babie (Alicia Andrade), who retired after 33 years as an SOS mother figure in the Family House of Love in June 2021, describes her experience:

“Watching my children eat their meals, play like other children and continue their studies gives me a feeling of joy and comfort. And I’m sure our onsemi family, the children’s aunts and uncles there, felt the same when they first met. the children. Your support means these children have a chance for a better future. For this I am deeply grateful.

In recognition of the program’s community impact, we engaged onsemi employees from around the world with the work of SOS Children’s Villages Philippines during the company’s Global Virtual Volunteer Week, where volunteers virtually interacted with young people. as “uncles” and “aunts”. They were introduced to the association’s programs while participating in conversations and games to support young people in their social development. We were grateful to work to promote the well-being of young people in the local community through partnerships with transformative non-profit organizations such as SOS Children’s Villages Philippines.

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