The Westminster Foundation funds the ‘Big Blue Box’ for youth activities in Kinlochbervie


Young people in Kinlochbervie and surrounding areas will soon benefit from a new portable cabin to house youth service activities.

The purchase of the portacabin – dubbed “The Big Blue Box” by local young people – by High Life Highland was made possible through a donation from the Westminster Foundation and a grant from the Highland Council Place Based Investment Programme, adding to the existing funding from High Life Highland.

The Duke of Westminster, Chairman of the Westminster Foundation, visited the Portacabin on Monday October 3 to view the facility and learn more about the services it will provide.

With the support of these two organizations, High Life Highland was able to finalize the purchase of a new portable cabin for use by young people in Kinlochbervie and surrounding areas.

The Duke of Westminster, Chairman of the Westminster Foundation, visited the Portacabin on Monday October 3 to view the facility and learn more about the services it will provide.

The Westminster Foundation provides long-term, sustainable support and guidance to children and young people up to the age of 25. He represents the charitable interests of the Duke of Westminster and Grosvenor businesses, working in places like Sutherland where the Grosvenor business operates and where the family has long-standing associations.

The Place-Based Investment Program (PBIP) was created to ensure that all place-based investments are shaped by the needs and aspirations of local communities and accelerate ambitions for place, 20-minute neighborhoods, downtown action, community-led regeneration and community wealth. building.

This would ensure that future local investments are relevant to local communities for the benefit of local people, bringing together relevant services, businesses and communities to make our cities, towns and neighborhoods more sustainable.

Speaking at the Youth Portacabin in Kinlochbervie, the Duke of Westminster said: ‘This is a wonderful new facility. It is so important that young people can meet in a safe place and access services that meet their educational, social and employment needs. The impact of this new center on the wider community, in particular the increased provision of services for young parents, is something everyone at Westminster Foundation was keen to support. Kudos to Highlife Highland for making it all possible.

Sutherland Area Councilor and Chairman Richard Gale said: “I am delighted to see this project come to fruition and it is exactly the kind of project that the Highland Council Place Based Investment Fund is meant to deliver. I’m sure the young people of Kinlochbervie will make good use of this facility and hope it meets all their expectations.

Wilma Kelt, Area Youth Services Officer (North) at High Life Highland, said: “We very much appreciate the financial support from the Westminster Foundation and the Place-Based Investment Scheme and are delighted that we now have the new cabin in place. It was a real team effort to make it happen and a big thank you to everyone involved.

“The young people who will be using the cabin have already planned what they would like to see happen and have created an exhibition of their ideas and wishes which can be seen by visitors to the Big Blue Box. The portacabin has been placed in its new site at the back of Kinlochbervie High School recently and as soon as the water, waste and electricity services are connected, young people will be able to start using it as a place for their activities.This asset is a very valuable resource for our young people in the communities of Kinlochbervie.

All HLH services in North West Sutherland – including adults and youth, rangers, active schools – will have access to and use the cabin for activities. The partners will also be invited to use the new hut for meetings and activities with young people.

The Westminster Foundation grant was £17,500. Funding for the Highland Council’s Place-Based Investment Scheme was £2,982.

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