These youth activities will help kids reclaim their summer


The moments experienced by young people throughout their lives should symbolize jubilation, innocence and an unbreakable barrier of joy. Youth activities are essential, especially during the summer months when children need attention.

Certainly, pandemic-era protocols have deprived young people of the normal processes of development and growth.

But that’s a thing of the past! Summer has arrived and we are here to present you with solutions! Here are some youth activities to entertain your child this summer while testing the limits of their creative abilities.

summer youth activities
Children playing outside (Lukas via Pexels)

Recycled Fashion Can Present A Clever Economy

Get out into the community and pick up the trash! While you’re there, you might find some intriguing recyclables that you could use to reuse.

recycling of jarritos
What goes around comes around – like the recycling sign. (via Unsplash)

There is a lot to learn through community service. Of course, you’ll get your fair share of huffs and puffs (sighs) along the way. In the moment, your child might not appreciate or understand the magnitude of what they are doing, but the circle will always come full circle.

Expand young people’s vocabulary with a civic counseling activity this summer

Ask your child to gather their five closest friends and/or family members. Possibly rent a library space or co-working area and lay the groundwork for open discourse. Next, ask the young people to brainstorm the places they frequent most often, ie the ball diamond, the gymnasium, the museum.

Then invite them to generate ideas on how they could improve any notable issues in those places. This activity will provide validation to their concerns while empowering them to think critically and be solution-minded.

Take me to your dummy boss

Go to Michael’s or any craft store and see if you can find some form of mannequin heads and blank flags. Have your child create their own country and let the model serve as their leader. How will your country work?

Will there be poverty? Veganism? What will class systems look like? This activity will showcase the potential capacity for creative design while giving the youngster a chance to dream and design their ideal society.

civic engagement
Fight the good fight with noble activism (via Jessica Podraza)

Did you hear that? It’s slime time!

If your child is very hands-on, give them the tools and let them work. Making slime is reminiscent of the antics of the Nickelodeon era.


It’s a great opportunity to bask in your nostalgia while explaining why those times were so special for your little one. During this time, they are immersed in ASMR-type therapeutic sensation activity. Nobody loses.

Make something out of nothing this summer with this activity for young people

Collect a few journals and dissect different topics that you find interesting. While you’re at it, see what old magazines you might have and throw those into the mix as well. This activity is versatile and has many different avenues to provide creative stimulation to young people’s experiences.

summer youth activities
The young mind is like a sponge – let it soak up the most unique experiences (via Annie Spratt)

You can discuss current events with your child and truly understand why these developments have received attention. This can lead to discussions about advertising, “no bad press”, and why sensationalism still exists in our world today.

For magazines, plan blank construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, and crayons. Next, cut out any images you find appealing from the body of the magazines. Finally, glue them onto the construction paper to create something new from a previous post.

summer youth activities
With the right outlook, environment and mindfulness – the opportunities are endless (via Sarra Marzguioui)

Whichever way you slice it, temperatures are rising and the outlook is brighter than ever. Always remember that your actions directly reflect your character and that children are much more observant than we think. The experiences young people gather in their early chapters will affect them for the rest of their lives. Blessings.



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