Threave Rovers Youth Development takes over the management of Castle Douglas sports facilities


A youth football club has taken over the management of the sports facilities at Castle Douglas.

Threave Rovers Youth Development will now operate the playroom, grass fields and multi-purpose play area at Castle Douglas High School outside of school hours.

The agreement between the club, the council and the school comes after long discussions.

Club youth development manager Mark Geddes said: “It probably took over three years to cross the line between paperwork and starting Covid, but we officially took it over on October 25.

“We used it during the summer vacation and the October vacation and it’s going to make a huge difference. This means that we no longer need to go through the board for reservations.

“It’s cute for the club.

The club accommodates over 200 boys and girls of different age groups and already has a facility at Birkland Park in Castle Douglas, although the grassy area is not ideal in bad weather.

Many young people are also training on the artificial surface of the Dalbeattie Learning Campus and although this is continuing for some, it is expected that everyone will be training at Castle Douglas in the near future.

Mr. Geddes explained: “Our younger age groups will be able to train inside the school. Older groups will still be training on 3G at Dalbeattie but are considering bringing them back to Castle Douglas.

“There’s a MUGA in high school that’s about the size of two tennis courts and a bit bigger.

“It’s an old sand-based surface and probably hasn’t been used for about five years.

“We hope to replace that with a 3G mat. We’re just waiting for board approval and hope to make an announcement about it within the next month or so. “

Although the youth of Threave have taken the facilities, they are not for their exclusive use.

Mr. Geddes added: “It’s there for the community to use.

“We already have groups of five and other clubs are welcome to use it.

“They are now coming to us for rentals rather than advice and we will open it.”


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