UNESCO and Youth Parliament of Uzbekistan meet to learn more about youth development and civic engagement


Members of the United Nations Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and Youth Parliament (YP) of Uzbekistan met on 24-25 January 2022 in Tashkent to learn about holistic youth development and civic engagement young people.

The 2-day training program, based on UNESCO’s two tools, new to the United Nations system, was delivered by UNESCO international youth trainers and was a contribution to the work plan of the group of United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) youth work in Uzbekistan. The training helped young agents of change to discuss and identify opportunities and challenges to enable holistic youth development and civic engagement in Uzbekistan. At its core, youth civic engagement is characterized by young people and their collective action to address issues of public interest and create social change. Holistic youth development focuses on creating an enabling environment and opportunities to help all young people realize their potential.

During the training, the groups worked together to develop a vision and set of recommendations to address youth issues in the country, and design possible policy solutions to foster active youth citizenship while taking into account the experiences and the diverse needs of different groups of young people (especially those with fewer economic, geographic and physical opportunities in Uzbekistan).

The training was the first opportunity for members of the Youth Advisory Council and Youth Parliament to engage with each other. Through a structured dialogue, the groups shared their ideas and experiences. The young changemakers took ownership of the discussions, creating an atmosphere of reflection, critical thinking and active exchange. As a result of the training, participants reported that they had “received new information about issues and opportunities for young people in [the] countries” to which they had not paid attention before, others suggesting that they would become “more active in the policy-making process”. and the issues in the strategies and programs designed and led by the UN in Uzbekistan .The Youth Parliament is a youth structure under the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of Uzbekistan also aimed at ensuring the participation of youth representatives in Senate plenary sessions, Senate Council meetings, committees, etc. They also ensure that the voices and proposals of young people are taken into account by government agencies and as subjects of legislative initiatives.


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