Vacancy: Part-time Academy Youth Development Stage Coach (U13 – U16)


Location: Leeds United Training Ground, Thorparch Grange, Walton Rd, Wetherby LS23 7BA

An exciting job opportunity has arisen at Leeds United FC for a part-time Youth Development Stage Coach based at our fabulous academy and training ground, Thorp Arch, Wetherby.

Leeds United Football Club are an English professional football club based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire and play at our fabulous stadium based on Elland Road, which has been home to Leeds United since 1919 and remains one of the great theaters of English football and is ‘the only place for us’ ever since. With a capacity of 37,890, it is England’s 11th largest Premier League football ground.

Everyone at Leeds United is dedicated to working as one team and being the best they can be.

Come be part of our fabulous team as we walk together.

The ideal candidate would be responsible for delivering training and player development activities within a specified age group in the youth development phase (under 13 to under 16).

Some of the main responsibilities would include:

  • Planning, delivery and critical review of training and player development activities during the phase
  • Collaborate with the Education and Player Care department to help deliver the hybrid education program to phase players
  • Integrate the Academy’s playing and training philosophy into the phase
  • Provide and develop the Academy’s coaching program in the phase
  • Effective communication of phase activities with internal and external stakeholders
  • Support agreed decision-making, transfer and transition processes for registered players and trialists
  • Connecting with parents
  • Be an active member of the coaching department helping to ensure the achievement of strategic and operational objectives
  • Be an active member of the multi-disciplinary youth development phase team and Academy working groups to help drive player development and continuous process improvement
  • Advocate for all Club and Academy policies by modeling best practices in areas such as Safety, Health & Safety and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Living the values ​​of the club and championing our culture to help implement the Academy performance plan and vision for the Academy and the club

Some of the coaching and player development responsibilities would include:

  • Lead the coaching process to help provide a holistic first-class development experience for age group players
  • Embrace and integrate the Academy’s philosophy of play into the age group
  • Adhere to the principles and standards of delivery as outlined in the Academy’s coaching philosophy
  • Plan and deliver age-appropriate coaching that achieves the objectives of the coaching program
  • Adapt the practice of the training program to meet the varied and evolving needs of individual players and the group
  • Monitor and review individual player progress against program goals
  • Provide a first-class gaming program experience to players at all games, tournaments and tours as required
  • Develop age-appropriate game plans that are linked to training program goals
  • Using video feedback and other performance analysis tools to support player development
  • Record all player development activities and review player performance on the club’s Performance Management Application (PMA)

Some of the multidisciplinary responsibilities of departmental activities and integration would include:

  • Support the multidisciplinary phase team to help plan, monitor and project each player’s progress on the course
  • Support the formulation of each player’s individual learning plan by ensuring that holistic needs are identified, goals are set and interventions/supports are planned and agreed with the player
  • Ensure that planned interventions/support are provided with the required multidisciplinary input and within agreed timeframes
  • Ensure that each player’s progress is tracked, periodically reviewed, and then communicated to the player and key stakeholders in accordance with Academy protocol
  • Collaborate with the Pathways and Operations department to deliver a first-class trials rider experience
  • Collaborate with the Performance Support department to help coordinate, integrate and deliver first-class performance support services to phase players
  • Support the delivery of player education and care programs, including a mental and emotional well-being and life skills program, and personal development plans for phase players

Some of the personal development responsibilities would include:

  • Be aware of innovative and emerging best practices by accessing internal and external sources of expertise, to help contribute to ongoing personal development and the overall Academy program
  • Undertake a semi-annual training needs analysis using the coaching competency framework to identify individual training and development needs
  • Contribute to an individualized coach development action plan that outlines formal and informal training needs and how these will be supported/met
  • Participate in the Academy’s staff development program and attend departmental CPD events
  • Participate in external CPD events to ensure compliance with PL, EFL and NGB standards
  • Attend other Academy games as needed, to ensure awareness of playing requirements throughout the course

The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

  • UEFA B License
  • FA Youth Awards
  • FA BFAS Certificate
  • FA Child Protection Certificate
  • Clear DBS verification and history
  • British driving license

Some desirable qualifications may include:

  • UEFA A License
  • FA Advanced Youth Award
  • University degrees related to sport, education or child development

The ideal candidate should have the following experience:

  • Coaching experience in an Academy
  • Experience working with stakeholders in the youth development phase
  • Experience working in a multidisciplinary team to support player development

Some desirable experiences may include:

  • Experience working in a Category 1 Academy

The ideal knowledge needed for this role would include:

  • Understands the current Academy system and the culture and landscape of professional football
  • Has applied knowledge of EPPP standards and work practices
  • Understands the biological, psychological and social characteristics and needs/wants of players at each stage of the journey
  • Understands how a long-term holistic development program is structured
  • Understands the key transitions players face at every stage of the journey
  • Understands the function of each facet in a multidisciplinary team in an academy
  • Has knowledge of health and safety policy and best practices
  • Has knowledge of backup policy and best practices
  • Has a strong awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion

The ideal skills and behaviors we look for in team members include:

  • Creates positive learning environments
  • Plans and delivers challenging, age-appropriate training activities that are realistic to the demands of the game
  • Identifies and responds to players’ needs by adapting their coaching practice accordingly
  • Demonstrates exceptional observation skills during training and matches
  • Uses accurate, age-appropriate technical and tactical content
  • Effectively identifies and manages positive and negative play
  • Demonstrates a range of coaching interventions
  • Communicates using a variety of methods and using age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Able to justify and reflect on their coaching practice and beliefs
  • Builds positive relationships with players, staff and all stakeholders
  • Demonstrates exceptional listening, verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient with modern technologies that support the performance of their duties
  • Competent user of Performance Management Application (PMA)
  • Inspires others and is a positive role model
  • Is personable and able to easily connect and relate to others
  • Requires high standards and has an eye for detail
  • Shares the vision and values ​​of the Academy and is motivated to achieve its goals
  • Aligns with Academy playing and training philosophy
  • Takes a long-term view of player development and aligns with the Academy’s approach to winning
  • Has a passion for talent development and is motivated to work with young players
  • Able to work in a high profile environment with regular media coverage and public interest
  • Is responsible and acts in the best interest of the Academy
  • Is open-minded, innovative and willing to explore new ideas/concepts
  • Enjoys a challenge and possesses the resilience and ingenuity to complete complex tasks
  • Is proactive and able to identify and mitigate risks
  • Is a collaborator and appreciates the opportunity to work alongside others to overcome challenges and achieve goals
  • Eager to share their knowledge experience as part of a community of practice
  • Able to work with players, staff and other stakeholders of varying ages, experiences, backgrounds and cultures
  • Committed to personal development and continuous improvement
  • Has a strong work ethic and is motivated to do their best
  • Able to promote the positive image of the Academy and the Club

To apply, please click on the link to complete our online application form: (Apply here)


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