YES turns to local software platform TIMU to track youth development


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For businesses, partnering with the Youth Employment Service (YES) to provide quality work experiences for unemployed youth, track their youth development programs – and report on the impact of their programs – n has never been easier.

This is thanks to YES’s collaboration with TIMU, a local software service provider that provides software solutions to help organizations manage and report on youth development programs more effectively. TIMU has custom-built a platform for the YES turnkey solution that assists in the efficient management of youth, guest and corporate travel throughout the year, resulting in accurate and reliable data that can be used for verification and impact reporting.

The YES turnkey solution works with 33 host partners across South Africa to place young people and has proven to be an effective tool for companies who want to help solve the youth unemployment crisis, but are not unable to accommodate young people within their own organisations.

Essentially, companies fund the salaries of young people in one of the host partners, which range from underserved social sectors like health and education to digital economies with high absorption rates and self-employment potential. While it’s a powerful tool for improving skills and providing essential work experience for young people, it’s difficult to manage all the moving parts, says YES COO Leanne Emery Hunter.

The platform creates a safe and easy way to track youth throughout the year, manage returns and replacements, gather and manage documents required for verification, and report real-time information to stakeholders, all in one central location.

“It made the process more convenient, allowing partners to free up time they previously had to spend on administration,” said Danielle Geddes, CEO of TIMU. “Our system is fully customizable, allowing the development of various dashboards or reports needed. We host and maintain the platform on behalf of the client, while providing support and training to the team responsible for using the tool. All costs associated with hosting and managing the system can be claimed as part of a company’s skill development expense. »

Zarina Parker of ORT SA, who implemented TIMU, said the tool has made day-to-day operations easier, especially payroll management, deposits and replacements. “The ability to view programs at a glance has made access to information faster and less cumbersome. Updating information is faster and more seamless and has replaced the monthly Excel uploader,” Parker said.

“The TIMU team remains committed to delivering systems that will continue to empower young people in South Africa and look forward to co-building solutions around all of the digital data challenges faced by our customers,” said Geddes.


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