Youth development aimed at creating quality human resources: ministry


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of National Development Planning has said that youth development is continuously strengthened to create quality human resources in Indonesia.

“Youth development is a strategic program to facilitate all youth-related issues and to create superior and quality human resources,” said Subandi Sardjoko, Acting Deputy Ministry of People, Community Development and culture, during a coordination meeting of youth actors to which he had access. online from here Thursday.

Youth development is also a supporting factor for the use of the demographic dividend, he explained. “Youth development is crucial as Indonesia will achieve a demographic dividend which must be used properly,” he said.

Youth development includes several aspects, such as adopting the life-cycle approach, strengthening regulations and institutional governance, as well as revitalizing facilities and infrastructure to support youth development, noted Sardjoko.

In addition, it includes strengthening cross-sector coordination of services for young people and involving young people as equal partners in sustainable development.

“To make good use of the demographic dividend, all of these aspects of youth development must be fulfilled,” he said.

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To take advantage of and maximize the realization of a demographic dividend, attention needs to be paid to a number of things related to human resource development, he added.

“First, health issues should be a concern so that when human resources enter the productive age, they are in excellent health and when they enter old age, they always remain productive,” he said. .

Moreover, education should also be a concern to create an adaptive and competitive workforce.

During the meeting, Deputy Coordinating Quality Improvement of Children, Women and Youth at the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture, Femmy Eka Kartika Putri, affirmed that the government is strengthening continuously intersectoral coordination of youth services in order to create quality and competitive human resources.

“Cross-sector strategic coordination continues to be strengthened, especially the synergy between central and regional (governments),” she said.

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