Youth Development and Care Center FAQs


RACINE – Racine County has proposed to build a new state-of-the-art youth care and development center along 3 Mile Road in the Village of Caledonia.

YDCC will provide safe, evidence-based care, incorporating a trauma-informed approach, offering rehabilitation programs including mental health and addictions treatment, development/prevention/intervention services for youth and gang diversion.

The YDCC will reduce the detention capacity from 121 (current juvenile detention center capacity) to 48 youths; provide space and visiting time for families, including meals; providing additional classrooms, an extended seven-hour school day, and after-school and evening programs; and include multi-purpose rooms for use by youth, families and community partners.

Racine County has compiled a list of frequently asked questions, to help answer questions that arise. It can be found at

Additionally, members of the public who wish to ask questions or submit written comments should complete a feedback form at and submit it via email to Kristin Latus, Assistant Director of Social Services, to

Completed feedback forms will be shared with the Racine County Board of Supervisors. Full County Council meetings include a public comment period. Persons wishing to provide written public comments in lieu of attending county council meetings may email them to by noon on the day of the meeting (next scheduled meetings: August 24, September 14, September 28, and October 4).


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