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A community basketball game is fast approaching.

It is scheduled for Saturday, May 7 at Baldwin High School’s Lunsford Gymnasium.

It will feature members of the Milledgeville Fire Department taking on a group of basketball players dubbed The Community All-Stars.

This is the second time the game has taken place between the two groups – most of whom have played high school and college basketball.

The event has not taken place in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that social restrictions are lifted, the benefit game has resumed.

sergeant. Frank Manson, who will play/coach the next game, said he wasn’t there for the first game between the two groups, which was ultimately won by the city fire department.

They have a big trophy at the city fire headquarters to prove it.

“It’s going to be another good game, I promise you that,” said Manson, who will play small forward in the next game.

Manson, who played football during his years at Baldwin High School, said he didn’t play basketball in high school, but he’s confident he can take his game to the basketball court.

“I can do a little something and shoot a little,” the 2004 BHS graduate said.

Manson will be joined by teammate Nekelo Knight, also a fire sergeant, who will serve as player/coach.

“We’re really looking forward to playing The Community All-Stars,” Knight said in a recent interview. “The most important thing we want to do is involve our community to do something positive for our young people. We want to do everything we can to keep them away from the bad things that have happened. »

Knight, a former wrestling star at Warner Robins Northside Warner Robins High School, has worked for the city fire department for nearly two years. In addition to serving as a firefighter, Knight also works part-time as an EMT with Grady Emergency Medical Services and responds to calls in Baldwin and Hancock counties.

Jermaine Reaves, meanwhile, will help manage the Community All-Star team.

The match will be divided into four 10-minute periods.

Reaves and the fire department teamed up to organize the basketball game for the benefit of the community to reduce violent criminal activity in Milledgeville and Baldwin County.

Reaves was brave enough to come to what some firefighters called “The Lions Den” to talk about the big game ahead.

“This game is really about helping save the young people in our community,” Reaves said. “We want to show them there’s a better way than shooting each other and shooting houses.”

Reaves said firefighters have development programs at the city fire department to help local youth avoid taking a violent path in their lives.

“We want them to know that we’re here to support them in a positive way — not in a way to get them in trouble with the law,” Reaves said.

He swears he’s put together the kind of community basketball team that will give away The Community All-Stars trophy for the first time.

“We’re coming after that trophy this year,” Reaves said. “We are going to win this game. You just watch.

Reaves highlighted his team’s coaches for the game – DD Watson and Ronnie Lewis.

“They have several young guys that they help mentor in the community to stay out of trouble,” Reaves said. “They stay on them to help make them better young men.”

Reaves said he had never seen the team play before.

“But I understand they can play well enough to beat our firefighters and win this year’s trophy,” Reaves said.


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