Youth development changed during Donald Trump’s presidency


A new report highlights how youth development changed when Donald Trump was President of the United States. When it comes to child development, there are so many unknowns, even after decades of research. Part of this could be because the world they live in is constantly changing and all of this can impact how young people develop, depending on the life events they go through. Ongoing studies are still being conducted to see how young people develop, even when it comes to topics we would never expect, and the results are always fascinating.

Donald Trump had one of the most infamous presidencies the United States has ever seen, and work has been done to see how his tenure has changed the development of young people. According to PsyPost, a study found that young people who supported Trump and those who did not had vastly different developmental experiences.

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This study was published in the journal, child development, and can be read in full here. He found that the political climate in the United States during the Trump presidency changed how young people perceived marginalized individuals and civic efficacy.

Laura Wray-Lake was one of the study’s authors, and she said that some experienced this period as very hostile, which had an impact on the way young people developed and their opinions. She also said that very few studies have been done to see only the impact of the presidency on young people and how they have developed.

This study also serves as a way to show that historical events can change the way young people develop., and this is something the work takes note of. The survey covered students from 22 different schools and grades 4 through 12. This was a 5-year study that involved surveys of nearly 1,500 students.

They found, in total:

  • 62.6% of young people “strongly disapprove” of Donald Trump
  • 3.7% “strongly endorsed”
  • 13% had no opinion of him
  • They found that those who had disapproved of Trump had experienced some form of threat and harassment because they did not approve of him.
  • They also became more aware of racism and discrimination
  • On the other hand, those who approved of Trump had less awareness of inequality.
  • They have become less likely to support equal rights for people

This study shows an interesting insight into how a presidency can impact young people and their development.

Sources: PsyPost, SRCD

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