Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others


Youth Development Corporation (YDC) USA on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with three Ghanaian state agencies including Ghana Digital Centers Limited, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Foundation (GNPC) and National Service Scheme (NSS).

Signed at the YDC Office in Saginaw Michigan, attended by City of Saginaw Mayor Brenda Moore, YDC Board Chairman Gary L. Loster and other dignitaries.

Gary Loster (YDC Board Chairman)

The memorandum of understanding between the partners aims to expand its operations in Africa, designed to offer professional training, youth exchange programs and fundraising to support the activities of these government agencies.

YDC USA’s goal is to empower and help underserved youth learn the essential social, career, academic, and life skills needed to take a positive path to self-sufficiency and community responsibility.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others

Under the terms of the partnership, YDC-USA partners with 3 Ghanaian agencies already on various youth development programs in Ghana to have its footprints in the West African country.

In his brief remarks, CEO and Founder of YDC-USA, Eric Eggleston, said his team decided to partner with Ghanaian agencies during Kwadwo Baah’s visit and indicated that his services would contribute to the development of the Ghanaian youth by providing them with employable skills.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others
Eric Eggleston (founder of YDC-USA)

Also, Ghana has a stable environment which is very conducive for any developing economy.

Managing Director of Ghana Digital Centers Limited, Kwadwo Baah Agyemang, who led the Ghanaian delegation, praised YDC-USA for its partnership.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others
Kwadwo Baah Agyemang (CEO Ghana Digital Centres)

He disclosed that he started talks with their US partners in November 2021 during a private visit and was pleased that the talks bore fruit leading to the signing of the MoU.

Mr. Agyemang noted that his joy was even greater at the opportunity that the partnership intends to offer to the people of the two countries.

“I am extremely pleased that in this partnership, we can have the chance to explore the training and skills development potentials of our young people and, in doing so, create jobs to reduce the unemployment deficit of the country,” said he declared.

On his part, Dr. Dominic Eduah of the GNPC Foundation said his outfit was happy to have such a platform to train and also equip the youth of Ghana.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others
Dr. Dominic Eduah (Executive Director, GNPC Foundation)

He noted the company’s commitment to uphold the principles of partnership and to ensure that it is doing its part to make the deal work for both countries.

Deputy Director of the National Service Scheme, Mrs. Gifty Oware Mensa, who represented her boss Osei Assibey Antwi, applauded the deal and said her team was harnessing the opportunities arising from the partnership so that they can educate most young Ghanaians and get permanent jobs. after compulsory service.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others
Ms. Gifty Oware Mensah (Deputy Executive Director, National Service Scheme)

She pledged her commitment to ensure that the partnership benefits both Ghanaian youth and their American counterparts.

A government communications official, Maame Yaa Aboagye, who was part of the delegation, praised President Akufo-Addo’s leadership, saying that under his tenure, these public agencies have been revamped and many are functioning at effective levels.

She reiterated that Ghana’s national service program has successfully introduced a system whereby personnel certificates are mailed directly to them.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ghana’s digital hubs have extended their reach beyond the capital Accra, bringing digital solutions to the doorsteps of people across the country, and the GNPC Foundation continues to play a crucial role in ensuring that schools and other institutions acquire the necessary resources to comply with Covid-19 safety measures.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others
Cal Talley (YDC Vice President)

Indeed, these goals are consistent with the Youth Development Corporation’s goal of empowering and equipping young people with the skills and resources to thrive.

Regardless of the differences in the scope of activities of the various organizations, they are united in their common commitment to youth development. Indeed, each entity performed very well independently. Thus, I have no doubt that this collaboration would have an even greater impact and wider reach.

Youth Development Corporation USA signs MoU with GDCL and others

It is a mutually beneficial collaboration. Thus, members of the Youth Development Corporation are sure to benefit from the interaction with their colleagues in Ghana, while Ghanaian SOEs also share and glean the knowledge and experiences of their YDC colleagues. Yes, the benefits of collaboration between public companies and the Youth Development Corporation transcend institutional and national boundaries.


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